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Florida Stepparent Adoptions

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How can I adopt a stepchild in Florida?

More and more children across Florida are involved in mixed families, or those involving parents and children coming together from multiple prior-marriages. In these situations, a family may feel more complete if a stepparent adopts a stepchild, legally taking responsibility for the child into the future. When this happens, a family must work with a family lawyer to make sure that all steps are properly followed and the adoption of the child is as smooth as possible.

In Florida, the process of stepparent adoption is as follows:

  • The stepparent files a petition with the state of Florida, asking to officially adopt their spouse's child from a previous marriage or relationship.
  • The other biological parent of the child is given the opportunity to oppose the adoption.
  • If the biological parent does not oppose the proposed adoption, the court evaluates the petition, using a number of factors to decide whether or not the adoption will benefit the child.
  • Should the court approve the adoption, official paperwork will be provided and an adoption certificate will be issued to the stepparent of the child, thus installing him or her as the legal parent or guardian.

Importantly, the biological mother or father of the child that is being adopted must either consent to the adoption taking place and the removal of their legal rights, or be in a situation where their consent is not needed. If the consent of the biological parent does not occur, then the adoption cannot take place. The parent will remain all legal rights to the child and the decisions concerning their life.

How long does an adoption take?

In some situations, the adoption process can be as quick as four months. However, if the other biological parent of the child is absent, unable to be reached, or uncooperative, the process can be drawn out. No matter if the process is smooth or lengthy, you will need the dedicated services of a Melbourne lawyer by your side. As your legal representatives, we work hard to negotiate situations such as these.

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