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Read some of our case results to learn why we have built a strong reputation for ourselves as Brevard County personal injury lawyers. We have represented more than 2,500 clients in the Melbourne area over the last 30+ years, and share more than 75 years of combined legal experience.

Whether you have suffered in an accident caused by negligence, or are seeking compensation in a workers' compensation claim, you can count on our skilled and conscientious legal advocates.

  • $499,255
    Car Crash Confidential
  • $450,000
    Premises Liability Shoulder injury with surgery
  • $400,000
    TS v ABC Insurance TS was driving her car when she was struck by a person who ran a red light. She suffered a broken right leg and tore ligaments in her knee, and it was necessary for doctors to put a rod in the broken bone in her leg and to surgically repair the torn ligaments. On behalf of TS, Attorney Futchko recovered $100,000 from the driver who caused the crash, and another $300,000 from TS's insurance company.
  • $400,000
    JD and TD v John Doe JD was the operator of a motorcycle and TD was his passenger when John Doe made an improper turn in their path. JD suffered a lacerated spleen, a broken collarbone, and road rash with scarring over his shoulder and left side of his abdomen. Attorney Futchko settled his claim for $150,000. TD suffered fractures in her hands and scarring on her shoulder. Attorney Futchko settled her claim for $250,000.
  • $400,000
    Car Crash Fractured leg with surgery
  • $391,666.00
    Car Crash Back injury with surgery
  • $380,000.00
    FW v ABC Insurance FW was a passenger in a pick up truck which was struck from behind. FW needed to undergo surgery for an injury to his spine, but was able to return to his manufacturing job. The carrier initially offered a sum less than $50,000, but after litigation, Attorney Futchko obtained a settlement on behalf of his client in excess of $380,000.
  • $375,000.00
    Car Crash Fractured ankle with surgery
  • $300,000.00
    Car Crash Shoulder surgery/neck injury
  • $300,000.00
    Car Crash Shoulder injury with surgery
  • $300,000.00
    Motorcycle Crash Scarring, hand fractures
  • $299,000.00
    Car Crash Fractured arm with surgery
  • $275,000.00
    Construction Site Neck injuries/surgery
  • $265,000.00
    Car Crash Low back injury
  • $250,000.00
    Car Crash Neck injury with surgery
  • $250,000.00
    KS v Jane and John Doe KS was stopped at a light when her vehicle was struck from behind by John Doe, who was driving a car owned by Jane Doe. KS injured her neck and back in the accident, and ultimately had to have surgery on her spine. Despite her injuries, the Doe's insurance company, one of the nation's largest, did not make a fair offer to KS to settle her claim. It was necessary for the attorneys at Henderson &Futchko, P.A. to file suit on her behalf, and they were able to obtain a settlement in the amount of $250,000.
  • $242,000.00
    Truck Crash Shoulder and neck injuries
  • $237,000.00
    Premises Liability Knee Surgery
  • $200,000.00
    Car Crash Neck injury
  • $200,000.00
    Cacamis v Food Lion Our client fell on a wet floor as she was entering the store. The store denied liability and that the floor was even wet. Henderson & Futcko, P.A. hired a local TV weatherman to establish through radar that it was raining most of the day in the store's vicinity. The store offered $500.00 to settle. Our client had injuries to her low back, including a herniated disk. Although she did not have surgery to repair the disk, her doctors believed it would be necessary sometime in the future.
  • $185,000.00
    Dram Shop Fatality
  • $170,000.00
    Car Crash Neck injury
  • $150,000.00
    BA v Fast Food Chain Mrs. A, on vacation from India, was visiting family in Florida. She tripped and fell over a piece of broken concrete on the premises controlled by a hamburger chain restaurant, suffering a broken upper arm that required surgery. The carrier denied fault, and Attorney Futchko filed suit on her behalf against the chain. The case settled before trial for $150,000.
  • $150,000.00
    Car Crash Shoulder surgery
  • $150,000.00
    Motorcycle Crash Scarring, spleen injury
  • $150,000.00
    Truck Crash Neck injury
  • $145,000.00
    Premises Liability Fractured arm with surgery
  • $145,000.00
    Car Crash Spine injury with surgery
  • $125,000.00
    Premises Liability Head injury
  • $125,000.00
    TM v Jane Doe TM was injured by a drunk driver on I-95, sustaining injuries to her neck and back. After her first attorney tried to convince her to settle for $10,000, TM discharged her first attorney and was recommended by others to seek the help of Henderson & Futchko. P.A. She retained Attorney Futchko, who was able to resolve her claim for $125,000.
  • $95,000.00
    EH v Local Restaurant EH was a patron at a restaurant that had a large wooden deck outside. While standing on the deck, a board collapsed, and EH injured her ankle and back. It was determined she had sustained a chip fracture to her ankle, which was removed surgically. The attorneys at Henderson & Futchko, P.A. resolved her claim for $95,000.
  • $90,000.00
    Premises Liability Fractured wrist
  • MS v ABC Engineering
    MS worked at a local car dealership as a mechanic. One of his duties was performing front end alignments, and to do so vehicles were raised in the air with pneumatic jacks. One of the jacks had been malfunctioning, and a repair call had been placed to ABC. Unfortunately, ABC never sent anyone to repair the jack, and it again malfunctioned, this time with a car in the air. MS tried to lower the car manually, but the car dropped a foot faster than expected, and he did not get out of the way quickly enough , and the car hit him on the head. He suffered injuries to a disc in his neck, which needed surgical correction. ABC denied blame and hired attorneys and experts from out of state to fight the case, arguing that MS caused the jack to fail. Attorney Futchko was able to convince ABC that it was also responsible for failing to maintain the jack and promptly repair it after the service call was made by the dealer, and the case settled before trial for a six figure amount.
  • Estate of JW v XYZ Insurance
    JW was a teenage female passenger in a motor vehicle. The operator was travelling in a construction zone and lost control, veering over the center line, striking an oncoming car. Tragically, JW died in the accident, as did two other people. One of the insurance companies paid its policy limits on behalf of their driver. Another insurance company did not pay on the claim, having paid out the full amount of its policy to the other two Estates. A suit was filed against the companies involved in the road construction for failing to provide proper barriers and signage regarding a reduced speed in the construction zone, and also as to the driver whose insurance company failed to pay our client's Estate. The claim settled for a significant amount, with most of the dollars coming from the insurance company who failed to originally pay the Estate. XYZ Insurance paid a sum well in excess of the policy limits.