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Tricks of the Trade: Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use to Reduce Claims

When you’ve been through a car accident, moving forward can feel overwhelming. You may have to deal with emotional stress, loss of property, and medical expenses. To add to that, the insurance adjuster representing the at-fault driver will be reaching out to you.

While you may be earnestly willing to speak about your account of the incident, their goal is to settle the claim as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible to save their company money.

These insurance companies are not on your side. They may use dirty tactics to get information out of you to justify offering a lower settlement than you deserve. Below, we’ll go over the tactics insurance adjusters use to reduce claims.

Request a Recorded Statement

The insurance adjuster knows that this may be a vulnerable time for you, and they will try to take advantage of that. They will speak with what can seem like good-natured intentions and then ask you for a recorded statement.

If you have to give a recorded statement, always consult your attorney and make sure they are present during the conversation. Be wary of what you reveal, even if it’s just a recounting of the accident. Anything you say can be used to devalue your claim. Your attorney can advise you through the process and help you avoid common pitfalls.

Convincing You to Settle Quickly

The insurance adjuster will attempt to offer you a quick settlement, under the guise that it is beneficial for you. They will make it seem like you’ll get compensation sooner, so you can pay for damages and medical bills. However, this often means you get a smaller settlement than you deserve.

This is especially troublesome if you are not yet aware of the full extent of your injuries. You may find out that your treatment costs more than you initially thought. Most people accept the first offer, rather than negotiating. Additionally, injured persons who hire an attorney typically receive more compensation than people who negotiate by themselves.

Delay the Process

On the other hand, the insurance adjuster may keep your case in limbo, which might grow your frustrations. The longer they keep you waiting, the more likely you are to accept less money or none at all.

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