Sun Glare in Heavy Traffic

Tips to Prevent Sun Glare While Driving

Summer is winding down, but there’s still a lot of daylight. That means more opportunity for blinding sun glare on your next road trip. Extreme glare is directly responsible for hundreds of accidents per year and is a contributing factor in thousands more. To help you enhance visibility and drive safely, we’ve put together these tips to prevent sun glare while driving.

A New Direction

Choosing a new route is one of the most effective ways to reduce sun glare. It may take a few minutes longer, but you’ll save yourself from daily eyestrain and potential accidents. If you can, pick a different route; try to find one that spends more time going north and south and less time east and west. Alternatively, if you leave early in the mornings or in the late afternoon, look for routes in areas with buildings, trees, or hills blocking the horizon.

A Polarized View

Polarized sunglasses are, admittedly, more expensive than traditional sunglasses. However, polarized lenses effectively eliminate glare. If you can’t change your route, these will help eliminate sun glare altogether.

Hard Water, Hard Times

Even with polarized sunglasses, some problems require direct intervention. Few things wreak havoc on your windshield like hard water stains. If you have those distinctive calcified splotches that never seem to go away, you need to do something before they cause a crash. Try using products like Limeaway or CLR to reduce and eliminate hard water stains.

Darken Things Up

If all else fails, if you’ve taken all the steps so far and still face a blinding sun glare, you may want to tint your windows. This process prevents blinding light from coming through your windshield. In Florida, you can tint your windshield until it blocks 28% of all light. Take care to stay within the legal limits of window tinting. If you go too far, you might get pulled over.

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