Exchanging insurance info

Evidence You Need to Collect After a Car Accident

Most drivers know they need to exchange insurance information and take pictures after any car accident. But what exactly does that mean? Allow us to explain what evidence you need to gather after a car accident.

Insurance Exchange

Upon meeting the other driver, politely ask for their driver's license and insurance card. Make sure you take a picture of each.

Alternatively, in observance of social distancing, you might ask that they text you a picture of their information. This can be extremely helpful as it verifies the other driver’s phone number.

In collecting the other driver’s information, make sure you obtain the following information:

· Name

· Driver’s License Number

· Home Address

· Cell Phone Number

· Insurance Provider

· Insurance Policy Number

· Car License Plate

Collecting all this information gives you a good chance of confirming the other driver’s identity. However, it’s equally important to file a formal report.

Police Report

You should call for the police immediately after a car accident, even if no one is hurt. A police officer on the scene can file an objective report by interviewing both drivers and assessing the damages. The police officer will also verify the other driver’s identity, ensuring that their information is accurate.

Photographic Evidence

Before leaving the scene, be sure to get pictures of both vehicles on all four sides. It’s important to get pictures of both cars because comparing the damage can demonstrate which driver was responsible for the accident.

You may also want pictures of the surrounding area or even a picture of the impact before moving the vehicle. Photos of the surrounding area can give both your attorney and the insurance company a better idea of what happened and can ensure that the at-fault driver is held responsible for their negligence.

If you or someone you love suffered serious injuries in a car accident, you might have a case. If you’d like an experienced Brevard county auto accident attorney from Henderson & Futchko, P.A. to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (321) 320-7162.